Portion 16 – Revelation 15:1-4

Submitted by: Minister M. Smith

Related Scriptures: Exodus 13:17-17:16 & Judges 4:4-5:31

For thousands of years man has been plotting evil schemes, killing the innocent, enslaving one another, and profaning the name of G-d.  In His mercy, Adonai has graciously given man the Word of G-d, His prophets and centuries of time to hear the Gospel, turn from their wicked ways and choose to follow Yeshua.  However, this period of grace is coming to an end. When Yeshua first came to earth He lowered Himself as a servant to bring man back into right standing with G-d.  Upon Yeshua’s second coming His glory will be seen in an awesome display of His Power over heaven and earth.  The first time Yeshua came as the suffering servant, the second time He will come as the Lion of Judah, devouring those that rejected His name and rejected His servants. 

In this passage of scripture, the Apostle John has given us Adonai’s perspective of the end of days.  It is a picture of the glory of G-d being dynamically displayed upon the earth.  The fury of G-d, described as a great sign and wonder, is the sign of the end of days ushering in a wondrous new beginning.  It is the dawning of the Kingship of Yeshua. It is time when man’s heart will fail at the Revelation of the reality of Yeshua.  It will be a time of retribution for those who oppose Yeshua and a time of restoration for those who belong to Yeshua; the time when Satan and his kingdom will be utterly destroyed at the hand of the Almighty G-d.  By Adonai’s fury all of the world systems will be destroyed: no more currency, no more merchants, and no more politicians.  All false gods will be destroyed and Adonai will reign supreme.  The LORD will win the Glory for Himself at the expense of the beast, its image and the number of its name. Then all men will know that Adonai is G-d. 

As the Day approaches, let us not be anxious or fearful; these things must happen.  They are an essential part of our Salvation. We must persevere and rely on Yeshua’s shalom.  As Believer’s we already know that Adonai is King of kings and LORD of lords; soon all of the world will know it too. 

Three Summary Points

The goal of Adonai’s fury is for all men to see His Glory.

 The first coming of Yeshua was to bring man back into right standing with G-d; the second coming is to bring G-d back into His right standing with man.

When Adonai is in His proper place of Glory, before all men, then all things will be restored back to Adonai’s original intent. 

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