Prayers for the Nations

Native Americans

Thank You Father for Your great love for the Native American people. Thank You Father for opening the door and giving Your servants access and insight into their needs and how we can intercede and serve them even from Cleveland for the arm of the Lord is not too short! No! It is Mighty to save! Bare Your holy arm Lord, in the sight of the Native American people so that they may see Your salvation. Stretch out Your sovereign arm Lord, the arm of HaG’dulah BaM’romim, the Greatness on High, the God who wins and shows Himself mighty on behalf of all who trust in You!

Father, do for the Native American people what You did for Israel. When they cry out to You, answer them with a great deliverance, bring them out from under their burdens, redeem them, and free them from bondage. Father set the Native American people free from unforgiveness, bitterness, rebellion, depression, trauma, unbelief, pride, oppression, anger, repression, infirmity, idolatry, and the occult. Deliver them from the thief who steals, kills, and destroys. Deliver them from every spirit of abuse and the spiritual seduction of ceremonies and traditions. Remove the taste for witchcraft from their mouths. Cut off the unauthorized access in the spirit realm. Deal with the familiar spirits and inherited intergenerational demonic spirits with the sword from Your mouth.

Father, thank You for exposing the ongoing assault against the offspring of the Native American people: hundreds of years ago their children were snatched from their homes; today their children are in need of homes. Father, we ask You to take the hammer of Your word and break up this way that the Adversary has used to attack this people. Ruin this pathway, Father, destroy this route that he has taken for generations.

Father, we ask that You would give the Native American people the strength to freely abandon every activity of darkness and come to the Light, Yeshua, Your Son. Please repair the breaches caused by those who did evil against this people, making Your Name stink amongst them. Remove the deceptive stumbling blocks of the white man’s religion and the white man’s God.

Thank You Father for Your mercy and for Your good and satisfying plan for the Native American people. Please sovereignly direct and reveal to them who You are and who You have called them to be. Save them from trusting in the arm of flesh because government programs, false religions and worldly sciences cannot redeem. Let them look to Yeshua and be saved.

Father, open the hearts of the Native American people to Your Ancient Path: Yeshua HaMashiach, the Way, Truth, and Life. Father, we ask that You would release upon the Native American people a hunger and thirst for the Lord of Hosts, the warrior spirit of El Gibbor, purity, purpose, faith, the oil of joy, the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of Liberty and Truth, a spirit of forgiveness, healing, deliverance, and the visitation of Yah with all of its beauty and comfort. Raise up sons and daughters amongst this people who are willing to surrender all to fully follow You. Please give a fresh anointing to Frybread Fellowship and Pastor Bruce Plummer and may their summer outreach be marked by an outpouring of salvation and deliverance to the glory of Your Name.

The Isles

Father, today we lift up the Saints in the Island nations. Father would you give a greater measure of favor to the Shepherds and the Prophets in your Houses of Worship in the Island nations. We come against spirits of lack and isolation. Please will you strengthen them with the comfort of Your presence and the unity of the brethren. Spring up resources and innovation for the advancement of Your Kingdom.

One You’ve called to shepherd, boldly entitled an internet listing as FAITHFUL CHURCHES IN HAWAII. Let it be so! On this day will you strengthen the resolve of every Island saint to preach the Gospel with power and conviction; never swerving from truth. May they immediately discern you have polished their armor, and nothing can come against your plan. May You call forth the mantle of Elijah for these. Your timing is always perfect, as Your Word declares, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness.

In the Isles, Father, other gods are being served and just as You said, detestable things are being done. Even the children are not safe. On today, Father, hear intercession on behalf of the Island nations. While many of these Isles claim to be majority Christian nations, they plan to raise up demon gods before You. Father, this weekend many of the Island nations will celebrate supposed freedom from economic and political slavery called Emancipation Day and in Antigua, the tradition of Carnival. In reality, they are slaves of lust, poverty, spiritual and political corruption as well as various forms of witchcraft and idolatry. These nations are bankrupt economically and spiritually because they will not turn to You. However, because of your great grace and faithfulness to your Word, will You show across the Island nations that you alone are the Living God Adonai Tzva’ot. Cause them to turn from their seances today. Show the Islanders they are double minded to fear Covid yet raise up necromancy in the face of Adonai Elohim! Cause them to see they reap what they’ve sown. Stop the masquerades! Call for fasting and mourning because of abominable sin!

Father, crush debauchery and dry up potions! Call for sobriety in the land and raise up prophets appointed to the Island nations to proclaim with one voice: Hear the Word of the Lord! Repent and be saved! Behold Yeshua as your God! Put away your idols and follow Him!


Yahweh, HaKadosh Anav Elohiym, Holy and Humble God, who has called us to intercede on behalf of the country and nation of Ethiopia. You are Just and Merciful. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to come in agreement with Your will.

Abba, in the Name of Yeshua our glorious Shepherd-King, sever the generational stronghold of pride and arrogance of the people of Ethiopia. Tear down the historical exaltation of man in seeking an earthly leader as savior instead of You, Yahweh. Father demolish every form of idolatry and false religion of this people including Islam, Eastern Orthodox Catholicism, and the political residue of communism. Each of these groups have terrorized Your people with religious persecution and ravaged their homes and communities. Father bring to nothing their attempts to destroy the faith of Believers through war, forced conversions back to pagan worship, bloodshed, rape, the killing of parents and creating orphans, forced marriages to non-Believers, famine, forced starvation, and poverty.

Father in the Name of Yeshua dismantle every scheme of witchcraft which seeks to stir up ethnic division between Ethiopians in opposition to the true unity and shalom that is only found in our Lord Yeshua. Father silence these schemes of the Orthodox Church in the regions of Ahmara, Tigray, and Oromia; and in the Muslim regions of Afar, Oromia, and Somali. Father, by the Ruach HaKodesh and Your Holy Word, strengthen the spirit of your people across the regions to know that You have not left them nor forsaken them. Connect the fellowships of Messiah in Ethiopia to stand together as an army against their demonic intimidators.

Yahweh, you have established Christian leader Abiy Ahmed Ali as Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Father, may he be led by the Ruach Hakodesh to pull down decades of corruption in Ethiopia. Father, may Abiy, his cabinet, and the people of Ethiopia surrender themselves to your will and bring justice and mercy to the nation. Father protect them from unholy rule over the people. Father, may his administration be an example of righteous leadership of Ethiopia to the shame of the agents of the adversary.

Abba Elohiym, as Ethiopia prepares to celebrate its new year, called Enkutatash, in remembrance of the Queen of Sheba and Ethiopia’s journey to meet King Solomon and giving him gifts, may many hear the Gospel through your servants in Ethiopia and give their hearts to the true “Prince of Peace”, Yeshua, in the spirit of the Ethiopian eunuch.

Your will be done Yahweh, in Yeshua’s Name.


Father we come before you and ask that you destroy the spirit of oppression and that tormenting spirit that constantly wreaks havoc in the land of Egypt. Father Islamic rule is in full effect, causing chaos and fear over this territory. Lord the spirit of murder has also plagued this region and just as you delivered Israel from this land with a mighty outstretched arm would you do the same today; that there would be no question that you are Adonai Tzva’ot (Lord of Heaven’s army). Allow for those who have found themselves under this Islamic tyranny to cry out for rescue and repent. Overturn every order that has been given that is set out to cause disruption amongst the people. Lord we pray for the government in Egypt to protect the people and act on their behalf and strike down those who prey on the innocent and defenseless. Send out Heaven’s Army to fight on behalf of those who are vulnerable and have become victims at the hands of these insurgent groups.

Father this spirit of violence has made its way into marriages, where the Egyptian women are being raped by their own husbands as an act of dominance, which in some cases has caused miscarriages. Would you deal justly Lord with this wickedness and abuse. Bring to shame the husbands who have partaken in raping their wives and let them feel the sorrow of their wickedness. Allow more of the women in Egypt to speak out and expose what’s being promoted. Father remove all feelings of guilt and shame; allow these women to cry out to you for deliverance, that they may experience the love of the Father and know you as their deliverer.

Would you annihilate that murdering spirit and the spirit of sabotage, that is meant to keep a people in a state of fear and bondage. Settle the unrest in the land due to ongoing war and strife within Egypt and with other countries. Disband all government officials and military forces that have united themselves. Remove every influence and all demonic activity at work in this territory and wield your sword against those who continue to stir up strife and contention. Father we pray for the community of believers in Egypt, that they would be able to overcome the evil of the Islamic rule and stand fully equipped with their weapons of warfare knowing that you have gone before them and not succumb under pressure. Open the eyes of the oppressors who have profaned your name and falsely imprisoned and murdered your servants who proclaim the name of Yeshua. Allow them to have a Damascus experience as Paul did, that they would be stopped in their pursuit of taking the lives of the innocent.

As your word says in Isaiah “ADONAI will make himself known to Egypt; on that day, the Egyptians will know ADONAI. They will worship him with sacrifices and offerings, they will make vows to ADONAI and keep them. Yet ADONAI will strike Egypt, both striking and healing, so they will return to ADONAI. He will listen to their prayers, and he will heal them.”


Blessed are You Lord Our God King of the Universe for You are HOLY and worthy to be praise!! We thank You and praise You for choosing Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) for Yourself, where You have placed your Name. We pray to You Lord this day that with Your mighty right hand, that You would break, smash and destroy all those spiritual strongholds that are causing Your City to be subjected violence and hate, Lord break the organization called the United Nation for being one of the instigators and apologist for these nations that hate Your City; this organization thinks it can determine the future of Your City. You have already said it in Your Word that You will protect it, rescue it, spar it, and save it, so take and ruin this supplanter and hypocritical organization which views good as evil and evil as good. Adonai Tzva-ot (Lord of Heavens Army’s) destroy and decimate all those enemies of Jerusalem who want Your people to bow down and compromise by giving pieces of Your city to those who are Your enemies. Lord destroy this Sennacherib Spirit that thinks by fear and intimidation Your city will be their delight, Lord allow your word that you gave to Your servant Isaiah to give to Hezekiah, be spoken once again to those who threaten Your city, You said Lord,

“The virgin daughter of Tziyon despises you; she laughs you to scorn. The daughter of Yerushalayim shakes her head at you. Whom have you taunted and insulted? Against whom have you raised your voice and haughtily lifted your eyes? The Holy One of Isra’el!”
So, Lord silence Hamas, Hezbollah, PLO, Islamist, and any world government and its officials that sympathize with any of Your enemies. Make rubble of the Islamist pride in Your city, the dome of the rock and Al-Aqsa mosques.

Jehovah Rapha, heal the divided between the Believers and the Jews in Your City. Your City is of peace and during the month of Elul, where it is a time of coming closer and examining a relationship with You, Lord allow Your Spirit of Truth to convict the hearts of your people in Jerusalem; allow Your truth to be the sword that slices through all the lies, deceit and hate developed by the adversary and Lord start the healing process to develop the olive tree all rooted in Yeshua.

Yeshua, You gave a command for Your people to go and make disciples, to immerse them in the reality of the Father, Son and Ruach HaKodesh and to obey everything You command. Yeshua help all the Messianic Communities and Christian organization to be equipped with Holy Armor against the attacks of the adversary, allow Your Ruach HaKodesh to give them the holy and correct words to say that will makes the hearts of the unbelievers, may they be Jewish, Islamic, and secular in Jerusalem burn and ask, “what must I do to be saved”? Lord fortify these groups with hope, trust, faith, and obedience. Allow their only mission is to glorify your Name and to do Your Will.

In Your Holy and Marvelous Name, We Pray Lord and We Thank You For the City That Bears Your Name Yerushalayim, AMEN


Jehovah Magenenu (God our Defense) we cry out to you for the people of Israel. The Israeli government has been breached and the religious leader are distracted by the cares of the world. Please, Adonai, prepare Israel for these perilous times as the new Prime minister is ready to compromise his own people to obtain global acceptance. Let the harsh division within the Israeli government compel the people to stop relying on man and begin to seek your face. Keep them from resorting to accusation, victimization or isolation, and allow them to see the reality of your everlasting covenant as heaven and earth are witnessing against them. As hostility, fear and vaccine mandates overtake the land, remind the people of your faithfulness and turn their hearts back to you.

Adonai, guard your people from the onslaught of violence caused by Anti-Semitism. May those who promote Anti-Semitism be exposed and cut down from their high place. We denounce Ben & Jerry’s corporation’s Anti-Semitic attempt to shape the mindset and attitudes of society by portraying Israelis as oppressive colonizers. In the name of Yeshua we cut down this lie and we affirm the right for Israel to possess the land as Adonai ordained it to be. Jehovah Rapha, we ask that you heal your people from the pain and suffering caused by Anti-Semitism.

We pray for the believers in Israel that are being rejected by their families and treated as second class citizens. We ask you to guard these Jewish and Muslim believers from a spirit of rejection and bitterness. Let them find true fellowship and family in the BOC. Send your healing and restore them from the grief and loss of family. Pour out courage, endurance, steadfastness, and resoluteness upon these believers and give them a double portion of fervor, strength and power. Demolish the use of racial division between the Israelis and Palestinians that seeks to deny the unity of the Gospel. Jehovah Jireh, please continue to provide all the spiritual and physical resources the Israeli believers need and give favor to the bible printers and distributors in Israel.

As Israel prepares for the fall feast, sound the alarm, awaken the people. and help them to discern the times. Reveal the spiritual implications of the turmoil, hostility and divisiveness in the land. May it be an ensign to the Israeli people that the Messiah is soon to come. Send out the prophets and evangelist. Let the Gospel spread like wild-fire. Reach every barren place, remember the forgotten, make alive the dead and bring back the prodigals. May the land resound with the rousing cry of Barukh Haba Beshem Adonai, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Amen.

Alora Spain

Father we thank you for your intercession over Alara Spain. We thank you for proclaiming salvation over the people. Please allow your proclaiming angel to keep proclaiming salvation in Yeshua and to keep proclaiming your goodness and let every heart of the 13,000 plus people there hear him and surrender to you.

Father, would you silence the voice of the Adversary from speaking and bind his influence; don’t let him steal or try to destroy what you are doing in that place for as long as you are interceding for them. Release over them the Spirit of Truth, the ability to hear, receive and believe the Testimony of Yeshua (the gospel) and to put their trust in him.
Father, tear down the foundation of the castle that was built by the Phoenicians, expanded by Rome and rebuilt by the Moors. Tear down the spiritual influences of Islam and Catholicism; let their hearts begin to reject it and return to You. Let the foundation of Truth become their influencer.

Father, tear down their pride in being known as a “white-washed” and “sleepy” village for the sake of attracting tourists; awaken their hearts to see the spiritual meaning of white-washed and how it’s affecting their thoughts and actions. Father, awaken their hearts to see their identity in Yeshua and that nothing in him is white-washed – His beauty is true beauty and it extends from the surface to the depths. Father, let Alara Spain no longer be a place that gives the false appearance of beauty, but may they be known as the place that reflects the true beauty of Yeshua as they surrender to you. Amen!


ADONAI El Elyon (LORD Most High), we ask you to tear down every act of violence
and corruption that is operating in the country of Mexico from hate crimes
against Hispanics to extortions and kidnappings for ransom.

Jehovah Tsidkenu (Lord Our Righteousness) let your righteousness crush every act of wickedness from every drug cartel that exercises murder and greed, changing the heart and soul of those who are under the spirit of bondage. Protect those believers who
are under constant attack by non-believers on their way to services and pastors
who are receiving threats and intimidation by cartels to compromise your truth.

El Gibbor (Mighty God) let your truth and power fight for the men and women who
lay down their life for the sake of Yeshua. Also let every martyr that has put you
first in their life and has died, as a reward, bring many souls to you to be
redeemed, and delivered from the spirit of anti-christ. Protect those who are
being converted from all pagan beliefs and who are marginalized for not
celebrating pagan holidays, such as the Day of the Dead. Also Father may you
cover the believers who are being attacked and killed by marxist and animist
groups. ADONAI, may you protect the families who are taken from their homes,
being abused, sexually assaulted and placed in isolation.

Jehovah El Ashiyb (Lord My Restorer) may you increase the faith for what has been lost from families, jobs, inheritance and land of those who put their trust in you. Now in the name of Yeshua the Messiah may you Jehovah Bashayim (Lord God in Heaven), bind up
and sever these workings of the adversary in Mexico, the spirit of divination,
envy, lying, error, heaviness, fear, pride, perversion, poverty and the spirit of
death. ADONAI may you loose and pour out your Spirit of the Ruach HaKodesh
upon the Body of Christ in Mexico and the gifts and fruit it bears–truth, pureness,
holiness, liberty, love, power and a sound mind


Adonai, we thank You for the opportunity to participate in what You desire to do for the country of Japan. Father, there have been discussion of the vaccine passport in Japan. We thank You that it is not widely accepted Father, for we know that it is simply a door to further take control of the nation. We pray against this deception/smoke screen that will lull people into a false sense of safety and security. Expose those lies Father and may the treachery behind the passport idea no longer be hidden.

Father, there is a general election coming up for Japan and discussion regarding when the current Prime Minister should be replaced. Adonai, You know the needs of the nation and we ask that You raise up leaders that will seek Your face and will seek to have a prophet sent by You to guide them into Truth. We ask You to send out Your government angel to tear down the thrones of iniquity. Thank You that Japan’s foreign minister seeks to build a relationship with Israel and offer assistance in reconstructing Gaza. We pray that the Japanese government would have a desire to pour into Your nation of Israel and You would grow in them a love for Your people Father.

Lord, Japan has had an increase in cases of the sexual abuse of minors at after school facilities, specifically with children who have disabilities. Adonai, we bind the spirits of abuse and perversion and release Your spirit of healing and restoration. Father, we ask that You would close every door to darkness that tried to open, break every agreement with the demonic that used abuse as a way to link itself with a child, and we ask that You Adonai would restore the purity of those children that were attacked Father. May the children run to You as The Restorer and not blame You for the sins of man. We ask You to send out Your angels of healing and miracles so the children will not only be restored but rescued by the eternal Salvation of Yeshua. Father, we pray against these adults that are in agreements with demons and in torment themselves for they have chosen to abuse the helpless. Lord, may some find Salvation of Yeshua and repent. But for those who do not, come against them in every way according to their actions and may they never again be found around children. May desolation belong to them and all they touch fall to ash before them. May nothing satisfy them.

Father, the holiday of ‘O-Ban’ just passed where people believe that their ancestors come down to visit the living and the living visit the graves of the dead. Adonai, we pray against the witchcraft of ancestry worship. You know where its roots are Father. We ask that You sever them completely. May every totem pole of the adversary built as a shrine or temple of darkness be struck down completely. Expose the witchcraft of New Age, Shintoism, and Buddhism Father. Open the eyes of the people to see they have allowed themselves to become one with the masquerader, the author of lies. We ask that You would send out Your warring angels to war against the dark prince of the air over Japan and may its deep seeded hold of witchcraft be severed.

Adonai, we thank You for the body of Yeshua in Japan and we thank You that there are no current signs of persecution. However, the numbers a dwindling Father. We ask that You would send forth Your angels of revival and awakening to revive Your people and grow in them a refreshed boldness to share The True Gospel. Thank You Adonai that Your disciples there have a genuine desire to worship You. We ask that You would send out Your angel of alignment to bring answers to their prayers and align them/ready them for the coming revival. We ask Father that You would expose who is wheat and who is tare among them Father. May the tares repent and run fully to surrender under You authority.

We thank You Adonai for the group called A.B.W.E. International that sends out missionaries to several countries including Japan. We pray specifically for Ray and Shelly Kwan who are missionaries in Japan. We pray for courage and strength for them, may they be girded and steadfast in Your Truth Adonai. May You give them an answer to every question someone has when they are witnessing Father. May You not allow them to compromise Your Gospel to fit any other standard, but may You give them an unshakeable desire to put Your Kingdom first.

We ask Adonai that You would send out Your proclaiming and evangelism angels to draw people to Your Spirit, announce the news of the victory named Yeshua, and ready the hearts of those that will encounter Your missionaries. It is in Yeshua’s name we ask these things. Let it be so.


Tear down the false sense of beauty in Paris. Take away the lust of the eye to be this city centered around materialistic beauty. They idolize beauty, teach them You are the G-D of all created things they need to worship You the creator not the created. They cry out for peace through rioting and protesting. Remove the rioting spirit and breathe on them your truth of finding peace only through Jehovah Shalom. Teach them to question the catholic teaching. In their questioning let them find your truth. They just celebrated Feast of Assumptions idolizing Mary as one of the purest vessels taken up to heaven because she was sinless. Teach them that’s NOT SO! Teach them that there was only one perfect man who walked this earth and died for our sins. As they prepare for the 2024 Olympics let them be a city of righteous people ready profess to the world 1 Sa. 2.2 “No one is as holy as AD-NAI because there is none to compare with you no rock like our G-D.” In Yeshua’s name, Amen

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