Shabbat Overall View Av (Aug) 20, 5782

Each Shabbat overall view is shared by active members of our community. It will give you a glimpse into our fellowship with Adonai in instruction, encouragement, direction and reprove through the truth of our character; that which is pure and aligned with Him or that which may be lacking in righteousness.

I hope these quick glimpse into our time of fellowship will create in you a desire for a deeper relationship with YHVH.

If you do not currently have a place of worship we pray that you will seek the Lord’s guidance and counsel to find a community of believers that will teach you and encourage you to live a sanctified life in Y’shua. You are also welcome to join us as the Lord convicts your heart. ~Graciously Given, Pastor Stone

There is much more happening in Shabbat, in praise and worship, than we realize and acknowledge. In our praise and worship, Yah is providing sustenance, provision, correction and restoration. This is to point us to the Greatness of Yah and move us to honor the Name of Yeshua, with reverence and fear. Yeshua, “The Nail”, is The Only One worthy through whom Heaven is connected to Earth, granting access to Yah. Yeshua also gives us a new heart which brings forth worship and praise unto Yah that is pleasing to Him. Therefore, worship starts with our willing repentance and surrender, which allows for Yah to correct and restore us. Correction is evidence that we have been changed in Yeshua; stripped of our flesh. The Fire of Ruach consumes the flesh. This is the work of Yeshua Cohen HaGadol Elyon, The Great High Priest of the Most-High God, The Holy One, who keeps us, His priests, in purity so that we give true thanksgiving and praise that is committed, authentic, and not doubleminded. So, we need to act like Yah sees our every movement and intention, because He does. Yah does not perceive things as man does. He knows all. ~Elder Jason Smith

Yah, by the power of His Name and by the Great Cohen Gadol, Yeshua HaMashiach, has connected us to Himself and Heaven to Earth. He upholds all things by the power of His Spirit; the very same Spirit who houses Himself within us. So, we must walk as grateful, true, Believers; who know the eye of the Lord is upon us. The Spirit of the Lord is working moment by moment to transform us; so how can we not worship Him! He is worthy of it and even more than that! ~Elder Dawn Acoff

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  1. Min. Lonnita Avatar
    Min. Lonnita

    Thank you Yah for your provision!

  2. Sis. Brenda Avatar
    Sis. Brenda

    I’m grateful and thankful to you Adonai, The One who sees, knows, & cares.

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2 thoughts on “Shabbat Overall View Av (Aug) 20, 5782

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