Shabbat Overall View Elul (Sept) 3, 5782

Each Shabbat overall view is shared by active members of our community. It will give you a glimpse into our fellowship with Adonai in instruction, encouragement, direction and reprove through the truth of our character; that which is pure and aligned with Him or that which may be lacking in righteousness.

I hope these quick glimpse into our time of fellowship will create in you a desire for a deeper relationship with YHVH.

If you do not currently have a place of worship we pray that you will seek the Lord’s guidance and counsel to find a community of believers that will teach you and encourage you to live a sanctified life in Y’shua. You are also welcome to join us as the Lord convicts your heart. ~Graciously Given, Pastor Stone

It is in the scriptures that we find what G-d requires of his people. He is our standard of righteousness and his judgement draws us into him. In knowing that Adonai sees everything, we must become transparent and vulnerable to Him so that His light can shine through us. Adonai has anointed us for His work and our mouths are a portal, used so that others will find Him. Remember that Yah is our constant source and provider. ~ Sister Leigh Harris

The L-RD has a divine order in Heaven. He puts our imperfections aside and with that we are to submit to the character of Adonai. We are to bow down, to be still so He can do His will. When we pray, we’re coming against territorial spirits, which angers the adversary. When we enter the sanctuary, we forget about world; the L-RD meant for this place to be much more. Every time we are at Shabbat, He shows us that nothing can separate us from Him as being our Provider, He is the constant source of miracles and a standard of righteousness to draw close and to run into Him. He wants us to be vulnerable and transparent, His light shines through us so, we may be a light for others. We need to put on the Armor of G-D and mature, He gives us what we need in times of trials. ~ Brother Paul Wells

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