Shabbat Overall View Kislev (Nov) 26, 5783

Each Shabbat overall view is shared by active members of our community. It will give you a glimpse into our fellowship with Adonai in instruction, encouragement, direction and reprove through the truth of our character; that which is pure and aligned with Him or that which may be lacking in righteousness.

I hope these quick glimpses into our time of fellowship will create in you a desire for a deeper relationship with YHVH.

If you do not currently have a place of worship, we pray that you will seek the Lord’s guidance and counsel to find a community of believers that will teach you and encourage you to live a sanctified life in Y’shua. You are also welcomed to join us as the Lord convicts your heart. ~Graciously Given, Pastor Stone

'For in him we live and move and exist...' Acts 17:28

The Adversary wants to keep you for himself, but we are the Bride of the Bridegroom, Y’shua! Bridegroom means in Hebrew “one who joins himself.” Being the bride is not based off gender, but it is enjoining yourself with the Bridegroom. We should know as the bride that we are in line with Y’shua and as the bride we must enjoin every part of our life to His life, in doing so we can unlock and experience power to do His will by His Ruach. We need to act accordingly to being enjoined with Y’shua! One of the ways of acting accordingly means being aware of the “wells of Y’shua.” (Isa. 12:1-3; John 7:37-39) The Bride needs Ruach’s living water to stay alive. Another way to act accordingly as the bride of Y’shua, the Bridegroom, is to know that he is YHVH- Ani ShLo, which means “I Am to Him”. As the bride you are only His if you give yourself to Him; this means giving Him your desires, your heart, your burdens, everything you do and say has one aim and one direction – vertical – for AD-NAI. Now, every time you say or hear “I Am” think of Yah’s eternal name, YHVH – Ani ShLo.

As the bride we need to also know that we are under the mantle of AD-NAI. The ascension of Y’shua finishing His earthly ministry is linked to the passing of the mantle. Being under the mantle means we cannot sit still because we will not mature; we need to go out and serve the L-RD to mature. Wearing the mantle of Y’shua, being one with the Bridegroom, allows us to speak as Y’shua- with truth, power, and authority of the Father. (John 12:49-50) We are the bride of Y’shua and need to act accordingly with purpose and determination. We do not need to ask for more because He has provided and given what we need. We, as the bride, need to just walk in what the Bridegroom has provided. ~ Kenyatta Wells

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  1. Sis Leigh Ann Avatar

    Praise Yah for looking at us as being His Bride and constantly drawing us nearer to Him.

  2. bsims896 Avatar

    Bless The Name above all Names Yeshua we are yours!

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2 thoughts on “Shabbat Overall View Kislev (Nov) 26, 5783

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