Shabbat Overall View Shevat (Feb) 4, 5783

Each Shabbat overall view is shared by active members of our community. It will give you a glimpse into our fellowship with Adonai in instruction, encouragement, direction and reprove through the truth of our character; that which is pure and aligned with Him or that which may be lacking in righteousness.

I hope these quick glimpses into our time of fellowship will create in you a desire for a deeper relationship with YHVH.

If you do not currently have a place of worship, we pray that you will seek the Lord’s guidance and counsel to find a community of believers that will teach you and encourage you to live a sanctified life in Y’shua. You are also welcomed to join us as the Lord convicts your heart. ~Graciously Given, Pastor Stone

"You used to be dead because of your sins and acts of disobedience. You walked in the ways of the 'olam hazeh' (this world or world) and obeyed the Ruler of the Powers of the Air, who is still at work among the disobedient. Indeed, we all once lived this way - we followed the passions of our old nature and obeyed the wishes of our old nature and our own thoughts. In our natural condition we were headed for God's wrath, just like everyone else." Ephesians 2:1-3

YHVH has given each one of us a Holy security only found in YESHUA. HE alone has rescued us from the grip of the enemy. The enemy is a counterfeiter. His aim is to blind the minds of men, broadcasting rebellion to prevent them from seeing the light shining from the Good News about the glory of the Messiah, who is the image of God (2 Corinthians 4.4).
YAH’s remnant is being purified, made just, right, and alive from the old nature that was once controlled by the Adversary (Ephesians 2.1-3). GOD has shown us through His prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel how we are to approach His throne, being aware of our sinfulness, wanting to be cleansed, to be ready to serve (Hineini / Isa. 6.8), and have reverence for GOD.
We as Believers need to know, “what type of seeker we are, the Seeker-Sinner who justifies self and listens to the deception of the adversary or Seeker-Saved who has repented for their sins, been covered by the blood of YESHUA; knowing it is because of His defense for our lives we are saved. YAH is just, we are to be the sheep and not the goats at the time of His judgment. Each Shabbat we are coming closer to YAH. He is teaching us: do we care about Him or ourselves, am I mute, am I aligned with YESHUA, am I falling into the schemes of the Adversary, and most importantly do we see this as practice until the day we are with our LORD?
His tornado is a violent act, yet this act saves. He is gentle to those who are His and destructive to those who are without Him. YAH is the treasure, and we are the clay pots. GOD chose us. He has a plan and purpose. In His presence, present time & eternity meet, time becomes insignificant, the physical body is removed, the spiritual man is energized, the mind receives revelation, our countenance is transformed, and His presence stays with us. We are in the presence of GOD and there is newness. This is the treasure in the clay pots (inside us), and it never ceases.
We are to be prepared and ready for commission. We are to live as though our actions are being recorded in the Scriptures (The Book of Acts/Praxis), we’re being trained to do the work of YAH. The Book of Acts hasn’t ended, we are to share the Gospel. We’ve been commissioned to stop denying what He is doing. Be steadfast – GOD calls for our obedience!!! ~Bro. Paul Wells

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