Shabbat Overall View Tishrei (Oct) 22, 5783

Each Shabbat overall view is shared by active members of our community. It will give you a glimpse into our fellowship with Adonai in instruction, encouragement, direction and reprove through the truth of our character; that which is pure and aligned with Him or that which may be lacking in righteousness.

I hope these quick glimpse into our time of fellowship will create in you a desire for a deeper relationship with YHVH.

If you do not currently have a place of worship, we pray that you will seek the Lord’s guidance and counsel to find a community of believers that will teach you and encourage you to live a sanctified life in Y’shua. You are also welcome to join us as the Lord convicts your heart. ~Graciously Given, Pastor Stone

Ruach gives confidence and reminds His people of who Yeshua is. Through this assurance, and by having a personal relationship with Him, we can be steadfast witnesses of Yeshua. We must be willing to surrender all for our relationship with Yeshua. When we recognize and approach demonic activity with the strategy given by Ruach Hakodesh, we will see victory by the Blood of Yeshua; it is only by His Blood that we can be redeemed from the curse that once kept us bound.

Adonai takes us into Himself and makes us His Bride. This is called Divine transformation and it is not calm, but violent and warlike; we must die to ourselves for this change and renewal. We are to be diligent and purposeful as His Bride, not being seduced by the enemy, but awaiting Yeshua’s return, as the five wise virgins in Matthew 25.

Yah’s name represents His nature, and we must not be seduced by the world into mishandling His Name neither verbally nor in our actions. Adonai sends the Fire of His Glorious Presence, His Shekhinah, to purify us for worship. We must not mishandle Yah’s Shekhinah because His calling, guidance, protection, worship, and access are in it. For Yeshua is the very Radiance and Light of Yah’s Shekinah (John 1:4-5, 14-15; Heb. 1:3; 1 John 1.5-7) and He is the Ladder that gives us access to heaven. ~Kharli Wells

The Rauch Hakodesh is the only one with direct knowledge of Yeshua. We are to be witnesses and testify of Yeshua in everything we do. Yeshua has all authority; He is the healer and deliver who sets us free of all sin. Yeshua is ready to receive all those who would repent, so circumcision of the heart can begin. Transformation / deliverance is not gentle or calm, but violent and warlike; it’s for the courageous warrior, not victims. Be prepared for warfare! Don’t rely on your flesh, surrender to the Lord for transformation. Do your part, pray against the enemy, open your mouth and denounce the demons that bully you. Always carry the shield of Trust. Learn to have discipline and control over yourself and put your flesh to death. Adonai’s presence is a privilege that should not be taken for granted or mishandled. Yah’s calling on your life will grant you guidance, protection, healing, transformation, and unlimited access. Don’t fall back and be seduced by the world but trust and believe with faith that Adonai’s plans for your life are greater than anything you can imagine for yourself. For you can be redeemed from every curse through the Blood of Yeshua. ~ Terrion Warner

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    Min. Monica Smith

    Amen! (Min. Monica)

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    Blessed be He! Thank you for this summary; It is a great reminder of Who I AM is and His covenant.

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    Jason Smith

    Thank you Yah, that in surrender to Ruach and by the victorious Blood of Yeshua, I’m kept from mishandling the Glorious Name of the LORD.

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6 thoughts on “Shabbat Overall View Tishrei (Oct) 22, 5783

  1. Thank you Yah, that in surrender to Ruach and by the victorious Blood of Yeshua, I’m kept from mishandling the Glorious Name of the LORD.

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