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In our study of “single-heartedness” there will be an unending question that will be at the vanguard of our minds, continuously inquiring of ourselves;
“If I am truly single-hearted as a disciple of Yeshua, am I submitted to His supremacy in undivided obedience of His Lordship?”

In our study of “single-heartedness” there will be an unending question that will be at the vanguard of our minds, continuously inquiring of ourselves;
“If I am truly single-hearted as a disciple of Yeshua, am I submitted to His supremacy in undivided obedience of His Lordship?

Every Shabbat we find ourselves in Adonai’s divine timing and purpose for our lives; our duty is to understand His movement without the influence of our likes and traditions, to search His heart and ask what and where is He leading. When we unswervingly move according to His plan, we cannot help but acknowledge YHVH’s awesome watch-care for us.

In this season we will conscientiously give ourselves to understanding what is “Single-heartedness”, the myth of single-heartedness and the truth of what it means to give ourselves unreservedly to the One who bore us. Because of the world’s teaching many followers of Yeshua in the Body of Messiah have been thrown into turmoil because of the current epidemic situation, its fall-out and implications; physically and spiritually, what is true and untrue, all of which has caused irrational behavior and uncertainty. Therefore, YHVH turns our minds again towards His word to bring us back to soundness of mind, removing doubt and fear.

Nowhere in the Word of Yah does it produce doubt, confusion or duplicity. YHVH’s mind is absolutely undivided. (Deut. 6.4) YHVH is Echad, He is constant! Even his sovereignty cannot be separated from his love, his grace cannot be separated from his judgment or mercy, nor can his will be separated from his omnipotence. We are called by his love to be as he is, to be whole and complete, yes, to be undivided. Single-heartedness is characterized by sincerity, unity of purpose or dedication. Yeshua urges us to be single-minded in Matthew 6.22-24, telling us that we must focus our attention on our highest priority. Being double-minded (James 1.8) literally means to have two separated minds, possessing contradiction of thought.

Along with our study of “Singleheartedness” we will engage ourselves in reading the Proverbs, they are a collection of advice and holy counsel intended to guide a disciple’s practical and moral choices and cause him to take hold of YHVH’s truth. Proverbs will give clear and unrefutable direction to those who choose not to have a life of lawlessness.

November 7, 2020

October 31, 2020

Proverbs 13

To be single-hearted is to have One Focus, One Love, One Heart for One G-d.

To have “One Focus” is to have concentration on a single aim or purpose, never allowing anyone or anything to distract us from our love for Yahweh. Therefore, as disciples of Yeshua we are to walk in the Spirit of undividedness being absolutely constant,and not confused or uncertain. This character of oneness embodies the spirit of courage.

After reading the following Scriptures, give the Hebrew defintion of courage and how each person in the Scriptures displayed courage.

  • Judges 6-8:32
  • Numbers 25:5-15
  • John 12:1-8

(Q) What area in your life do you need to find courage?

Please print your own personal copy of the following:

Be Strong & Courageous Scriptures

October 24, 2020

Proverbs 12

The following questions have been slightly re-worded though taken from the pre-marriage questionnaire. Every question was intended to cause you as a Believer to seek the counsel of Yahweh with your relationship with Him as the foundation of your answers.

(Q17) Adonai called many Prophets and Judges into ministry though they felt otherwise. What should be your response if you are called in an area of ministry that you do not feel called?

(Q25) What is Yahweh’s definition of commitment? For what reason would it be acceptable to break a commitment?

(Q32) Would you be willing to stop your plans for marriage, ministry, friendship or fellowship if Adonai tells you simply to go the other way?

(Q57) Explain Proverbs 12.16

October 17, 2020

Proverbs 11

When physicans ask a patient about heriditary issues or administer genetic testing, they are trying to interpret what it means for your current lifestyle and to determine if you are at risk of developing the condition, leaving the patient with unrealized fears.

  • Q) Why would this very question be asked at the beginning of the pre-marriage questionnaire?

The following questions are taken from the pre-marriage counseling questionnaire (Sept. 5). One way to determine if you are growing in single-heartedness is if the word of Yah takes precedence; therefore, provide a Scripture for your firm belief.

  • (Q6) Do you love who Adonai has made you? Do you love yourself?
  • (Q7) Why would Adonai present to you a possible spouse?
  • (Q8) What brings the greatest joy in marriage?
  • (Q9) What does it mean to place your spouses needs first?
  • (Q13) Do you believe its possible to progress in your relationship with Yeshua while your spouse does not? If so, what challenges would you face?

October 10, 2020

Proverbs 10

During our Corporate Fast, aiming to increase our testimony of Yeshua Messiah; we were instructed to write out the testimony you wanted to exhibit: to people, at events that you attend, places that you visited on your daily travel and areas in your life.

  • Choose one of the aforementioned and explain how your testimony has changed.

The following questions are taken from the “Pre-marriage Counseling Questionnaire”. Though you may not be planning on marriage, please answer the questions as if you were and if you are currently married answer the questions as if you have just agreed to marriage.

  • Why is question 1 important to your marriage?
  • How is your marriage suppose to resemble Yeshua & His bride? (Q3)
  • What fears do you or did you have regarding marriage? (Q10)

Since verbal communication will affect the health of your marriage, what area should you begin to practice and lay before the L-rd? (Q23)

  • Active Listening
  • Acknowledging the concerns of others
  • Speaking without anger or unforgiveness
  • Observing the actions or body language
  • Empathizing, indicating your desire to understand
  • Asking questions for clarity
  • Keeping eye contact, reflecting sincerity, integrity
  • Expressing your thoughts without camouflage

October 3, 2020

Proverbs 9

September 26, 2020

Proverbs 8

  1. Review “Distortional Thinking” study sheet
  2. Complete step one listed on your Fasting handout. “Write out the testimony I want to exhibit”.

September 19, 2020

Proverbs 7

While learning about single-heartedness, Adonai brings to our attention His Holiness. In the book of Ezekiel, we are given vivid pictures to help us understand Yah’s holiness from the heavenly hosts of living creatures that serve and worship the L-rd of Hosts (1Sam 4.4), to His righteous judgment shown to a rebellious people with whom He shared His love so they would know YHVH as “I AM Adonai, the L-rd”. In Ezekiel 1.28, Ezekiel sees the glory of the L-rd, stating “and when I saw it, (the glory of Yah) I fell upon my face and I heard a voice of One Who spoke”. It is evident that at the sight of the Holiness of Yah, Ezekiel was awe struct.

(Q) What should be your response to the Holiness of Yah and His appearance?

In Ezekiel 11.16 Adonai tells Ezekiel that He has scattered His people far away among the nations, nevertheless, “I have been a little sanctuary for them in the countries to which they have gone”. Yes, Yahweh can dwell among His people in a foreign land and He has proven Himself by allowing us to experience His wonders in our Wednesday Prophetic Intercessions to Shabbat.

(Q) How have you honored Yahweh for His dwelling among us?

In verse 19 of chapter 11 of Ezekiel it says “and I will give them unity of heart. I will put a new spirit among you. I will remove from their bodies the hearts of stone and give them hearts of flesh; so that they will live by my regulations, obey my rulings and act by them. Then they will be my people, and I will be their G-d.” This is “Single-heartedness”, an undivided heart (the seat of the will), a new spirit (the principle of life). Yahweh undertakes to put His law within his people and write it on their hearts demonstrating His unstoppable romance and great love. (Jer31.31-34 & 2Co 3.3)

(Q) Are you engaging yourself in becoming singlehearted as Yahweh breathes His truth on us? How?

Please print yourself a copy of the 6:00 evening prayer commitment for 5780.

September 12, 2020

Proverbs 6

(1) Choose one question from the pre-marriage counseling questionnaire (resource from 9/5 Shabbat) that brought you to question your way of thinking about marriage, then answer the question providing a supportive scripture solidifying your answer.

(2) Last Shabbat we were told that the Hebrew wedding prophetically points to the Messiah’s second coming in Jeremiah 33.10-11.

(Q) Why would Yahweh use the Hebrew wedding as a description for the Messiah’s return?

The following question can only comprehensivly be answered after this Shabbat study.

(Q) How is Yahweh’s holiness demonstrated in single-heartedness?

September 5, 2020

Proverbs 5

Resource: Pre-Marriage Counseling Questionnaire

The Pre-Marriage Counseling Worsheet is being used to give an example of how we have not considered the holiness of marriage and the deep consideration of all its’ possibilities, surrounding single-heartedness. Begin to answer questions as if you were planning to get married to someone who you may have had interest or if you and your current spouse were just now planning marriage.

Resource: Corporate Fasting Handout

Please print out your copy of the Corporate Fast which will be reviewed on Shabbat.

August 29, 2020

Proverbs 4

(1) Wholeness is a part of the definition of single-hearted. Write a short sentence giving a vivid picture of what it means to be “whole”.

(2) In being single-hearted it is essential that one loves themselves, it is the first step toward wholeness. This loving is not with conceit, arrogance or narcissism. It is not to believe you are the greatest among men and expect others to treat you as such, no, this love or loving yourself is to love who and what Adonai has made you. In confusion we lie to ourselves even thinking that self-rejection is humility then projecting it on others in gossip or criticisim yet all the time thinking badly of ourselves. Yeshua said the greatest commandment is to love Adonai with your whole heart….the second is to love your neighbor. (Mt. 22.37,38, Deut 6.5, Lev 19.18) The apostle Paul goes as far as to instruct husbands to love their wives as Yeshua, the epitome of single-hearted, has loved the Messianic community. (Eph.5.25, 26). We can summize from these scriptures that “You can only love others to the extent that you love yourself”.

Give one scripture that confirms Adonai’s love for you or a scriptue that says who you are in Yeshua Messiah.

August 22, 2020

Proverbs 3

To be single-hearted means to be unique, separate and whole; having a concentrated aim or purpose toward the Lord. Also, according to the Apostle Paul in Romans 8.29, the goal of a Christian is to be conformed to the image of The Messiah.

(After reading the definition of single-hearted, answer the following questions that pertain to your current situation.)

(Q) Are you single-hearted? Yes/No Explain.

(Q) If you are unmarried (virgin, widow or widower) what would you be able to offer a potential spouse if you were to get married today?

(Q) If you are currenly married, then what did you bring to the marriage after reading the defintion?

For your convenience, please your copy of the resource below, which will be used during Shabbat

Printable Resource for Shabbat Study

August 15, 2020

Proverbs 2

Yeshua is undeniably our one true witness of singleheartedness-however Adonai has provided others as an example for us in His word.

  • Choose one Biblical person that clearly demonstrated singleheartedness (single-minded) with a short explanation & scripture.


  • G572 Haplotes
  • G858 Afelotas

August 7, 2020

Proverbs 1

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