Warfare Prayers for the Nations and Cities

The Lord is leading us to pray for the following areas:

“And this is the confidence that we have in his presence, if we ask anything that accords with his will, he hears us” 1 John 5:14

Father, protect our brothers and sister in Indonesia, in these islands less than 5% are Christians and they’re facing persecution from Islamic terrorist groups. With Your mighty right-hand L-RD strike down these brutes and beasts from harming Your people. Father protect, provide, and comfort those converted from Islam to Christianity. Our brothers and sisters are typically ostracized from their family and verbally abused. Yeshua, allow Your words from the sermon on the mount be their comfort regarding being persecuted; You said, “How blessed you are when people insult you and persecute you and tell all kinds of vicious lies about you because you follow me! Rejoice, be glad, because your reward in heaven is great — they persecuted the prophets before you in the same way.” Allow our brothers and sisters to be filled with Ruach HaKodesh so they may speak to those who persecuted them and show them the awesome love and power of the L-RD, so that persecutors may ask how they can be saved. L-RD send Your warring angels to defeat and annihilate the enemy in West Java and East Nusa Tenggara where the adversary and that false religion has terrorized Your people. Father allow all their schemes of the adversary and his minions to backfire on them, allow their weaponry to be destroyed and the suicide bombers who attempt or think of harming Your places of worship allow their bombs to turn out to be duds or for the bomb to blow up in the nest of Satanist that conceive these plans of destruction. Father send out Your warring angels to wage war in Sumatra in Aceh where the Sharia law is making it impossible to have a church, L-RD hide our brothers and sisters from the eyes of the heretics, so they may worship, praise and glorify YOU L-RD. L-RD give those Pastor and leaders in the churches across Indonesia the protection and support needed to do Your will, build up their courage, faith, hope, and love for Yeshua Our Savior and L-RD. L-RD help Our brother and sisters during this volcano explosion in East Java, L-RD there is a place of worship named Candipuro Pentecostal Church, near villages hit by Mt Semeru eruption, they have been serving food for displaced families, bless them with enough food and supplies to help those effected also allow this situation to be used to evangelize to those in Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism, so they may see there is no other god but Our G-D. L-RD we thank You and love You – In Your mighty Name, AMEN!


Lord, G-d of heaven and earth, we cry out for the people of Indonesia. Send warring angels to tear down the spirits of oppression, deception, bondage and unrest. Lord, tear down the principality of Islam that has caused the people to worship a false god. Expose the demonic agenda of Islam that exploits the people leaving them harried, helpless and impoverished.  Unseat these demonic forces and cause them to flee from Indonesia. As the aftermath of the volcano leaves the people in turmoil and distress, let the message of the gospel saturate the land. Send out proclaiming angels to prepare the hearts of the people.  Let governing angels take the territory and drive out the demonic regime that has tormented the people. Expose every lie, cover-up and secret plan to lead the people into vaccine mandates, population control and economic bondage.  Give the people the willingness to stand against the agenda as You awaken them to the reality of Yeshua and His desire to save them and set them free from the kingdom of darkness.  Help them reach the end of seeking the hand of man; let every false hope and empty promise fall to the ground and die. Lord, cause the people to cry out to You. Help them see their need for Yeshua Messiah. Send awakening, repentance and revival. Cause the enemy to turn back and be humiliated as the people turn their hearts to You. Utterly destroy the fortresses of ignorance, indifference, and confusion that the enemy has used to distract the people.  Sound the alarm and awaken those in Indonesia that you have chosen before the foundation of the earth.  Raise up leaders that submit to the authority of the word of G-d. Release purity of heart and a hunger and thirst for righteousness.  Let the Kingdom of G-d go forth in Indonesia as the name of Yeshua is proclaimed and magnified. Send out Your Arrows of Truth and let the Fire of G-d burn up false prophecy, erroneous teaching, doctrine of demons and false messiahs.  Send revival; and restoration to the Christians in Indonesia.  Root out compromise and hypocrisy. let a fresh wind of the Gospel go forth and bring refreshing to the people of Indonesia.

ADONAI Elohiym El Roi, the God Who Sees, in the Name of Yeshua, sever the Hawaiian and Polynesian islands from the spirits of isolation, neglect, rejection, bitterness and abandonment. Father, You see them and desire for them to find refuge in salvation through Messiah Yeshua. Abba in Hawaii, demolish the influence of those seeking to return the people of Hawaii to pagan religious worship of many nature and ancestor gods. Father, tear down the familiar spirits of corruption and vice (drug addiction and prostitution) which entered Hawaii through colonialism and exploitation. Purge Hawaii of the false religion of Catholicism which has given the people of Hawaii a perverted perspective of Christianity. ADONAI, in the Name of Yeshua, tear down the spirits of poverty and homeless which produces hopeless in the Hawaii people and a rejection of living a life of holiness in Yeshua. Abba, for the nation of the Philippines, tear down the saturation of false religion. Send your angel in the region of the Philippines to cut-off Islamic attacks against the BoC. Father, purge the Philippines of the overwhelming influence of Catholicism and the mixture of this perverted Christianity with its indigenous pagan worship. In the Name of Yeshua, demolish the spirit of perversion in the Philippines in the form of child abuse, pedophilia, and promiscuity. Father, break the abuse of women and high rates of human trafficking which seduce women away from knowing you YHVH as our refuge and cause the men to act in animalistic and inhumane ways against their women and children. Abba, in the Polynesian islands of Tahiti, Fiji, Samoa and Tonga, tear down pagan religious worship and its practices of witchcraft and magic in these people. Abba, cause conviction of this people to run into the salvation and healing of Yeshua. LORD, this people have been exposed to nuclear radiation through military nuclear testing and now have high rates of cancer. Abba, give this people a hunger of the Good News and the word of God so that they can be rightly nourished in their soul and spirit. LORD, tear down the demonic spirit of famine which is attacking their spiritual and physical nourishment. Abba, crush the spirit of infirmity which is plaguing the people of the Polynesian islands with diabetes, lack of vitamins, disease from unclean water, poor diet, heart disease and stroke. Break the addiction to smoking by the Blood of Yeshua. Father, the Polynesian islands need deliverance and restoration to holiness that comes from repentance and trust in You. Restore destroyed families and destroy with your holy fire the lust of the flesh in this people in their promiscuity, violence, incest, suicide, rape, drug addiction and domestic violence. Abba Elohiym, only you can save this people from their desolation and ruin from sin. In Yeshua’s Name.


Father the government and its regional allies have reclaimed the town of Lalibela in Ethiopia from Tigrayan forces. Father just as you instructed Israel to “Drive out the inhabitants of the land in Deut., would you build up the same courage and zeal for the Ethiopian people. Father this town is the site of one their churches in which this militia group wanted to take captive. Father drive out every evil force and terroristic act in the name of Yeshua. May the Tigrayan forces be disbanded and all their alliances retreat. Let the people of this town call on the name of Yeshua to rescue and save them. Dismantle the Islamic reign that it will no longer have power or control in the area. May the government officials and their alliances look to you for wisdom, and trust you to go before them to drive out those whose desire is to torment and create chaos in Ethiopia. Lord, we thank you for the other towns that were taken back from captivity of the Tigrayan forces. May they see your mighty sword being wielded on behalf of those who are defenseless and retreat in fear of you El Shaddai, God Almighty.


image courtesy of African Natural Heritage

Prayer for the City of Garfield Heights

Father, in The Name of Yeshua, we lift Garfield Heights and the surrounding areas up to You. Thank You for marking this territory for salvation. Thank You for how victoriously You have gone out in battle in this territory. Father may Your salvation go forth and blanket Garfield and stretch out.
May Your angel armies go forth and rout rebellion, entitlement, the Anti-Christ spirit and every other demonic spirit You uncover in the land. May Your mighty ones wield the power of Your Name against the hierarchy of the enemy’s camp and turn over all that they take captive to You.
May The Lion of Judah roar against every ruler, authority, cosmic power of the darkness and spiritual force of evil in the heavenly realm affecting this territory and may the voice of the blood, that made a public spectacle of them all, come out against them and utterly ruin, breakdown and destroy everything they have built up in the spirit realm in this territory in Yeshua’s Mighty Name.

Prayer for the City of Cleveland

Jehovah Emet (G-D of Truth), the City of Cleveland is lacking truth in the city government and its officials, in its religious community and in its residents. L-RD these lies have cause a host of problems from crime to total disregard for life. In the Name above all other Names Yeshua destroy all corrupted and deceitful practices of the City of Cleveland’s government, destroy this self-importance and prideful acts of these officials, bring them low and show them they’re public servants to serve those who elect them. L-RD send out Your Angels rout and destroy this spirit of lawlessness running ramped in Cleveland, the drug dealing, theft, murder, and mayhem on the city roads. L-RD bring these workers of iniquity to an end. In the Name of Yeshua bind and throw in the pit of She’ol this spirit of abandonment of kids, families, property and life. Destroy this throw away attitude. Yeshua destroy this spirit of apathy in the youth of Cleveland, where these kids are being destroyed each day by this hideous spirit that makes theme unresponsive and unconcern about life. L-RD send out those who love and worship You to be filled with Your Ruach to save these kids from the hand of the enemy. L-RD destroy this spirit of infirmity, where the people have made these hospitals into places of worship, L-RD let them know You are the only healer. L-RD in Your might destroy these unholy alliances in Cleveland the acceptance of homosexuality and some churches, the racial divided fueled by politics and religious organizations. L-RD destroy this ba’al spirit of double mindedness that encourages, influences and creates this satanism belief system to want to be a progressive city. L-RD we live in this city and we are asking for You to save it, because there are people who worship You in spirit and truth and love You with all their heart and being here. We know that no mayor, council member, judge, religious figure, community activist and business person can save this city from the enemy, it only You L-RD with Your strong right hand that can save Cleveland.  Your Name We Pray AMEN

Prayer for Jerusalem

And the many peoples shall go and say: “Come, Let us go up to the Mount of Hashem, To the House of the God of Ya’akov; That He may instruct us in His ways, And that we may walk in His paths.” For instruction shall come forth from Zion. The word of Hashem from Yerushalayim. (Isa 2:3)

In the Name of the Sure Foundation, Yeshua, I ask Father, that you will deal with doublemindedness in government officials in Israel, especially where Jerusalem is concerned.

Father, I come against a so-called Two – State solution. You were not consulted regarding this proposition regarding Your land. Expose the true intent and bring to full knowledge that the plan of Adonai cannot be thwarted! Yeshua Messiah will return to the Land as He promised.

Let the Watchmen proclaim: Be joyful, rejoice together, you ruins of Jerusalem! For the Lord has comforted his people; He has redeemed Jerusalem. The Lord has displayed his holy arm in the sight of all the nations: all the ends of the earth will see the Salvation of our God.      (Isa 52:8-10)

Let the Prophets proclaim: Wake up, wake up; Put on your strength, Zion! Put on your beautiful garments, Jerusalem, the holy city! For the uncircumcised and the unclean will no longer enter you. Stand up, shake the dust off yourself! Take your seat, Jerusalem Remove the bonds from your neck. (Isa 52:1-2) It is written, let it be so!

Prayer for the City of Cleveland

Adonai, we thank You that You desire to expand Your territory on this earth Father. We thank You that You saw fit to guide us into prayer so we can be aligned with Heaven. Just as You saw fit to bring Salvation and Justice to Garfield, You seek to do the same for the city of Cleveland and we come in agreement. May all doubters of Your work be exposed and embarrassed on this day.

So, Father, just as in Garfield we pray for the city of Cleveland. I bind the spirits of rebellion, idolatry, witchcraft, infirmity, failure, stagnation, violence/murder, secrecy, and waywardness. I bind your activity and the activity of every lessor demon in your charge. You will not pass on any assignments or be active in any way from this moment forward except in telling workers of darkness to leave. The only thing you are able to do is dismantle your workings and leave/go exactly to where Yeshua sends you. I command every strongman over the city of Cleveland to dismantle yourself now and leave/go where Yeshua sends you. I break the legal right of every principality/strongman/jr demon/unclean spirit that allows you to be active in/around/above Cleveland.

I release fire from Heaven upon the head of every unclean spirit in Cleveland. You will feel the complete civil war of Heaven upon you. Fiery arrows dipped in the blood of Yeshua shall rain upon every unclean spirit until they leave and go where Yeshua sends them.
Warring angels/angels from Michael’s corner, go forth now to war against every known and unknown unclean worker of darkness. Burn/destroy their flags, banners, scrolls, standards, items used for bondage, and items used for witchcraft. Go to every territory within Cleveland – cut down and expel every territory demon/principality. Go to every neighborhood stronghold building – harass/cut down/remove every stronghold demon. Go to every cursed and uncursed four-cornered area – take that territory back.
I break every curse spoken over Cleveland, every four-cornered area, house of true worship, and every faithful believer in Cleveland by the blood of Yeshua. I dismantle, destroy, seal up every portal to and from darkness in/above/below Cleveland. May each area be guarded by a warring angel of Heaven. Adonai, I ask that You would reverse every curse of witchcraft spoken over Cleveland and its people. May it fall on the witches that spoke them.
Adonai, please send forth every creature of Heaven needed to address/cut down/remove every demon surrounding and within the Buckland witchcraft museum in Cleveland. Adonai, please take Your sword of war and remove every curse of protection/longevity/success over that museum and any other unknown or unnamed standing curses of darkness. Adonai, may Your warring angels go forth and come against the very witches that built that place. May it be utterly destroyed like Jericho and may no other standing places of witchcraft be able to be built in Cleveland. Adonai, bind the witches/warlocks/Satanic priests within themselves so they can no longer astro project. Remove their ability to contact darkness. May they no longer be able to send out demons on assignment or sacrifice. Remove their ability to speak, Adonai. Bind them in silence and turmoil – for they sought to destroy as their father, Satan.

Adonai, there are many false prophets in Cleveland. As in Zechariah 13:1-6, Adonai expel the false prophets from this land and the spirit of uncleanliness. May each false prophet be shamed by their own vision and spoken words. Let it be known publicly that they have been speaking lies in the name of Adonai. Adonai, You know who is a wolf or a tare, and You also know those who are in agreement with a spirit of error. May You speak Truth to them so they can publicly repent and begin leading Your true remnant. If they do not repent, then may they too be expelled.
Adonai, the spirit of infirmity has gripped Cleveland through the growing of Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital. Adonai, I break the legal right of the spirit of infirmity to dwell here and ask that by Your hand Adonai it will be removed. I break the curse of cancer, alcohol abuse, addiction, obesity, anger, and confusion in Yeshua’s Name.

Adonai, upon the heads of every named and unnamed unclean spirit and human worker of darkness in Cleveland, execute the judgments written for them. I loose the judgments of Adonai along with fire and perpetual destruction on them in Yeshua’s Name in accordance with Psalm 149:6-9.
I seal this deliverance of Cleveland with the blood of Yeshua and I bind all demonic backlash, retaliation, revenge, or retribution from attacking the people of Adonai in Yeshua’s Name.

Prayer for the City of Garfield Heights

ADONAI Rachuwm, (LORD of Compassion), in the Name of Yeshua, only You can revive this dead people of Garfield Heights. This city is called “a caring community”. Abba, there is no true care for humanity apart from You. ADONAI Tzva’ot uproot and burn away the demonic influences of infirmity, lameness, indifference, thoughtlessness, and hopelessness that is in the city of Garfield Heights like a heavy cloud over the city. The sinfulness of the people has left them deformed, lifeless, and non-productive for Messiah Yeshua. You, ADONAI, are the one with the seven-fold Spirit who can awaken the people of this city to come alive in holiness, just as you stirred to life the church of Sardis (Revelation 3:1-6). Breathe Your breath of fire and burn up the demons of lawlessness, violence, thievery, disrespect, and bitterness driving the people into self-ruin and destructive behavior. Father, bind the hands of those in leadership and influence in the community who keep the people in a state of arrested development. Bring the young families of Garfield Heights to their knees with conviction to repent and turn to Messiah Yeshua, calling out desperately for rescue, guidance, direction, purpose, and wisdom. Dispatch your warring angels to cut to pieces the demonic influences of corruption, neglect, greed, and carelessness that have seduced the city leaders. May the fear of You, YHVH, saturate the community and shock this people to life in Messiah. ADONAI, break the fingers and overturn the grip of Catholicism which has lulled this community into tolerance of sin and casual living. Expose this working of darkness before the eyes of the people and cause their hearts and minds to seek out and desire the truth of Your word. Abba, cause them to run into Your arms of sanctuary, here at FOTBG, the place that you have prepared “for a time such as this” (Esther 4:14). Pulverize the demonic spirits of addiction, abuse, trauma, molestation, manipulation, torment, profanity, perversion, lust, materialism and every form and act of carnality that keeps this people shackled in the camp of the adversary. Abba, your deliverance is at hand! Cause Your holiness to radiate from your sanctuary at FOTBG as a lighthouse, drawing the weary, lost, and shipwrecked-in-faith to find their way to refuge in Lord Messiah Yeshua. Your will be done, in Yeshua’s Name.


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