Watchmen – Y/M Generation

Generation Y/Millenials Watchmen Series

The purpose of The Watchmen study series is to alert the Body of Christ to the under workings of the world’s “movements”. It also serves to help expose and conquer areas that seek to pull believers away from faithfully obeying Jesus. The Holy Spirit speaks to every generation; proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus our Messiah, revealing the current state of humanity’s heart towards G-d, and warning the next generation of the judgment to come.

The Holy Spirit is speaking today, encouraging and guiding our young people to speak out about topics affecting the Y/M Generation. This generation is marked by those born between 1981-2000; a time of technology. They are called the internet generation. In this information age, they are prone to use social media in everyday life and all day.

In this Watchmen study series, Friends of the Bridegroom Ministries’ young adults (Y/M Generation) unfold the biblical truth of the Lord for the Body of Christ on the topics: Black Lives Matter, Gaming, Holiness vs Abomination, Marriage, the Illuminati, Pornography, Social Media, the Pope and the Antichrist, Isis recruitment and the End-times. The media has deceived and influenced this generation by overloading them with facts and false information to pull them away from G-d’s foundation of truth. This Watchman study provides an opportunity to warn this generation so that they can recognize and avoid the traps that could cost them their souls.

If you are interested in having the Friends of the Bridegroom (FOTBG) conduct the Watchmen study series at your fellowship, the following requirements are necessary for you to provide:

A location and room large enough to accommodate the expected level of attendees.
Chairs and seating arranged prior to the start of the session.
Proper audio/visual setup. The presentations are done via PowerPoint. The preference is for FOTBG to present using our laptop (with the presentations) and the ability to connect into the existing audio/visual hardware either by wire connection or wireless Bluetooth.

Click on the links below to view the Watchmen -Y/M Generation presentations.

For those interested in having this study for your congregation/group, have your Pastor contact FOTBG in order to make the appropriate preparations. Or if you have questions, please contact us:

Friends of the Bridegroom

Minister Monica Smith

Phone: 216 581-0057


Call us today! The TRUTH is waiting for you.

Click on the links below to view the Watchmen -Y/M Generation presentations. 


Social Media


Black Lives Matter 

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