Portion 8 – Revelation 7:1-12

Submitted by: Elder D. Acoff

Related Scriptures: Genesis 32:4- 36:43 & Obadiah 1-21

***ADONAI Elohim Tzva’ot is in absolute control of everything. ADONAI is the keeper of His word and no plan of His can be thwarted (Jer 1.12, Job 42.2). The promise that ADONAI made in Genesis (17.8, 26.24), He shows us here in Revelation 7 as faithfully fulfilled. Our issue is, when we don’t walk in the Spirit as The L-RD intended we cannot even begin to receive understanding from The Holy Spirit concerning the power of G-D and the value of His Seal (The Ruach HaKodesh) so that our faith in Him can be found firm.

Those with the Seal of The Living G-D upon their foreheads are fenced in, protected from misappropriation, concealed and kept securely (1Ki 19.18). The Seal of The Living G-D reins in and curbs their hearts, minds and emotions; while certifying by oath to their union with ADONAI and placing their devotion to Him beyond doubt (Eph 1.13-14, 4.20, 2Cor 1.21-22).

***The L-RD would have us to know that our true devotion is on display be it impudence (Jer 3.3, Rev 14.9-12) or obedience (Deut 6.4-8; Rev 20.4, 22.4), whoredom (Rev 17.5) or consecration (Ex 28.36). Whatever is in our hearts, The Father reveals as plainly as if it were written on our foreheads (Jer 3.3kjv, 2Chr 26.20, Eze 9.4). And this one thing is sure, if we aren’t trusting Yah we are trusting in falsehood and surely given over to deception. Whether we are willing to admit it or not, who or what we trust in is clearly seen by both G-D and men.

Thanks be to G-D that He is constantly sending out the call for men to see and hear and be joined to YAH the only Name to be praised. Happy is the man whom God, causes to forget all his striving and all his past loyalties and associations. Yes, everything that had previously been exalted above the knowledge of ADONAI’s great mercy and grace. Happy is the man that The L-RD prospers; whose wages have moved from death to dwelling with the Increaser of fruitfulness, Yeshua, The Son who is seated at The Father’s right hand. He separates His people from judgement and causes His people to be doubly fruitful even in a land of affliction. And according to His perfect plan, many indeed throw off their pride and heed His call.

***This passage reveals this to us as a certain fact because we see the multitudes who were brought into the order of Heaven. Oh yes! Heaven already has a set order; an order which will not adjust itself to any of our own desires or standards. We are the ones who must adjust to G-D’s order. ADONAI would prepare us even now to be brought into His order. We have all been brought to this place that G-D Himself breathed into existence. In His great love, He has fashioned a place for us to practice walking in His order. Let us not be found resisting His order here. We must allow The Holy Spirit to cultivate within us obedience… here; because ADONAI will have no disobedience in His Kingdom. We must seriously ask ourselves one question: who do I think I am? The more we see ourselves the more we must acknowledge that there is only One Who is Worthy!

Three Summary Points

*ADONAI ELOHIMTzva’ot is in absolute control. His order is firmly established.

(Job 38-42.2, Mt 8.27, Dan 4.32(35), Is 46.10, Is 43.13, Is 14.27, Is 45.7 kjv, Is 40.18-26, Jer 32.17,

Jn 11.14-45, Col 1.15-17, Prov 16.4, Rev 4.11, Rev 1.18, Jn 10.18, Col 2.15, Job 26.5-14)

*Our true devotion is on display. What is on the forehead reveals what is in the heart.

(Lk 14.26, Deut 6.4-8, Mt 10.37, Lk 20.35, 1Chr 28.9, Heb 4.12, Jer 17.9-10, 2Chr 26, Eze 9.4)

*Since YHVH is the only One Who is Worthy, each one of us must ask ourselves: who do I think I am?

(2Sam 9.8, Job 7.17, Prov 8.13, Prov 16.18, Rom 12.3, Jn 15.5b, Rev 7.12)

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