Portion 7 – John 1:43-51

Submitted by: Sister L. Harris

Related Scriptures: Genesis 28:10-32:3 & Hosea 12:13-14:10

Without a doubt Yeshua knew who he was and was about his father’s business. As believers our confidence should be of who we are in Christ and know our purpose of following him. Yeshua did not use words of flattery when he called his disciples. He requires a willing heart to come and see and taste of his goodness. The disciples went about calling one another to come and follow. This is what our lives should mirror, being pursuers of Christ without question. Seeking others on our path to come and see how wonderful Yeshua is. Marvelous in all his splendor and magnificent in all his ways. Our character should be of one who is led by the spirit not self-guiding. Brokenness and humility is what the Lord requires, a heart surrendered unto him. Because it is His ultimate decision on who will serve in his kingdom.

The world can offer many things, however as Yeshua told Philip “you will see greater things”. The greater things of the Lord are salvation, peace, joy, understanding, counsel, and wisdom. Knowing the one and only true living G-d. Who else are we to follow? What are running after? Are we willing to leave all earthly things behind to follow Christ or are we still lugging along the baggage of yesterday? So often when it’s time to move forward, we find ourselves looking back to see what am I forgetting or what should I bring along. With Yeshua, he’s all we need and he requires nothing but a surrendered heart and a willingness to move forward, forsaking what we once clung to, learning to let go. Surrendering without question or reasoning. Our identity is found in Christ alone. The fruit that we bear is an extension of what the Lord has imputed in us. We become an extension of him once our hearts are surrendered.

Three Summary Points

Our coming to the Lord brings about:

Humility and submission; willing to follow the Lord without getting in the way and submit to his authority. (John 5:19)

Stability and steadfastness; willing to stay in covenant not fearing what we will have to leave behind. (Isaiah 33:6)

Faithfulness and trust; remembering whose we are and that his plans are perfect. (Jeremiah 29:11-14)

The promises of the Lord are favorable to all who chose to cling to Him and follow His ways. His plans are perfect and true and He will be sure to do all that he said he would. Let us not only trust in what our eyes see however trust with a heart of G-d and he will show you “greater things” just as he promised the disciples.

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