Portion 44 – John 15:1-11

Submitted by: Elder J. Smith

Related Scripture: Matthew 6:9-13, Genesis 1:27, 2:1-3, Leviticus 10:3 & Matthew 28:16-20

Yeshua knowing that His time had come to give His life for the salvation of the world and to return to the right hand of the Father, desired to prepare His disciples with final instructions in commissioning them to spread the “Good News” and walk in the delegated authority of the LORD. Yeshua wanted to impress upon His disciples (which includes us who are the Messianic Community – Body of Christ) the following:

  1. Being connected to YHVH does not mean that we are G-d. It is YHVH’s mercy and grace which allows us to display His godliness. Yeshua reminds us that a student is not above his teacher and a servant is not above his master (Matthew 10:24-25). This is actually loving protection from our Savior to protect His people against the spirits of division, murder, adultery and idolatry. If we as disciples of Yeshua stray from honoring the authority of the G-dHead, then we will open ourselves to demonic influence and pervert our Covenant relationship.
  2. Holiness is the fruit, the produce, the outcome of being in a relationship with the G-dHead. Our holiness is to be an active reality. And to bring us to this place of holiness, the Father will prune us. To prune means to remove damaged, diseased, dead, non-productive, unsound and unwanted branches. The point of this pruning is done to keep the tree upright. The Father will not allow the work of Yeshua to be defiled. Therefore any believers in Yeshua who do not continue in holiness will be severed from the relationship with the G-dHead. Yeshua reveals the seriousness of our having a character of holiness and not just a surface appearance in the account of the cursed fig tree (Mark 11:12-25). Yeshua also reveals the compassion of the G-dHead in that ample time and nurturing will be given to those connected to Him for displaying His character of holiness (Luke 13:6-9). Yeshua is our standard of holiness. The Father is the One with the power and authority to render the right judgment regarding disciples that are truly holy for Him.
  3. Bearing fruit for YHVH flows from having the right desire; and our desire is to be rooted in love. The love of G-d is that the Father is well pleased with and prefers Yeshua alone. The love for G-d is shown only in Yeshua who perfectly did the Father’s will. And since we as disciples are connected to Yeshua, we are able to partake in this love relationship. And therefore we too, like our Lord Yeshua, are to desire for the fulfillment or realization of YHVH’s will; with prompt obedience, gratefulness, and joy for YHVH’s grace and mercy. This faithfulness can only be accomplished by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Three Summary Points

In being obedient to the G-dHead, we must learn to honor YHVH’s authority.

Connection with YHVH demands a character of holiness.

As disciples of Messiah Yeshua, our love and joy for the G-dHead is to do YHVH’s will.

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