Portion 14- 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1

Submitted by: Sister L. Harris

Related Scriptures: Exodus 6:2-9:35 & Ezekiel 28:25-29:21

Clean and unclean cannot mix and will not make for a good match.  That which is not of the Lord will not be able to withstand the Holiness of G-d, however we want to stray from putting ourselves in a position of compromise and testing so we don’t adjoin with those that will pull us away from G-d’s truth creating doubt and fear.  The good news is being those that are covered by the blood and in covenant relationship with the Messiah, the Holy Spirit will give us discernment when we pay attention and tell us when to move out from amongst that which will defile us thus causing us to sin.  The spirit of the Lord cannot be housed in a heart that is unclean nor can his truth go forth out of heart that has been defiled.  It will not be upheld and will fall upon deaf ears.

Once we have surrendered to the Lord and moved out of the place of ungodly behavior, we have to be washed.  The process is not quick nor is it easy.  The longer we’ve spent in that place of filth the more work the Lord will have to do to undo those learned behaviors, thoughts, and emotions.  The pruning process started when we moved towards the voice of the Lord and some things were stripped away immediately, however there are other areas that the Lord need us to see and acknowledge before being freed from that particular place.  This time of purification is continuous until the return of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah only then will we be completely cleaned.

And while we wait for his return, he will continue to give us the truth of his word for us to hold onto that we will remain a holy people set apart to do his very will.  Each time we open the word of G-d he is dressing us and making us steady so not to stumble and keep us from backsliding.  G-d’s word will fill in all the open areas that sin once took root and each day we have to be willing to receive this treasure and in return give Yeshua all the honor and glory he deserves.

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