Archive – Shabbat Study Questions

This past year Adonai (our L-rd) has taken something as simple as questions and used them to root out, tear down, demolish, destroy and plant. (Jeremiah 1:10) Through them he has penetrated the hearts of his people with His truth.

The following pages contain questions that were given each Shabbat to help us see how Adonai has delivered us. They caused us to examine our own heart’s motive against the truth of his word and encouraged us to let go of our former way of living (repent) so that we can grab hold to the new life in which our Redeemer Yeshua (Jesus Christ) has given.

As you answer each question honestly, may you experience transformation and allow the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; the ONE true living G-d; the Holy ONE of Israel to govern your heart and mind.

Glossary of terms used in Shabbat Study questions

Adonai- The Lord

Cohen- Priest

L’vi’im- Levite

Moshe- Moses

Mitzvot- Commandment

Ruach HaKodesh- Holy Spirit

Yeshua- Jesus

Y’hoshua- Joshua

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