Upcoming Feast and Times of Remembrance

Feast 5781
HanukkahFridayDec 11th6:00 pm
PurimFridayFeb 26th6:00 pm
Unleavened Bread MondayMar 29th6:00 pm
First FruitFridayApr 2nd6:00 pm *
PassoverShabbatApr 3rd6:30 pm
ShavuotSundayMay 16th3:00 pm *
* Offering

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Feast 5782
Yom TeruahWednesdaySep 8th6:00 pm *
Yom KippurWednesdaySep 15th6:00 pm
SukkotWednesdaySep 22nd6:00 pm *
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