Fall Feast Words of Encouragement for the Month of October (2019/5779)

Morning Proclamation

“Yahweh El Ashiyb is the restorer of life, fruitfulness and joy. He gives direction and guidance, according to His character and reputation, allowing us to walk in His divine presence. His word transforms our minds, bringing health to our bodies and refreshing to our spirit. He clothes us with strength and dignity; enabling us to rejoice in union with Yeshua always and for evermore!”


2019 Fall Feast Corporate Fast

Monday, Restore My Soul

Tuesday, Restore Joy of Salvation

Wednesday, Restore the Years

Thursday, Restore the Kingdom

Friday, Restore Meekness

Saturday, Restore Life

Sunday, Restore Right Spirit

Monday, Restored Spirit and Mind

Tuesday, Restored Strength

Wednesday, Restore Path to Dwell

Thursday, Restored to Promised Destination

Friday, Revival in Midst of Trouble

Saturday, Revived Spirit of Humility

Sunday, Revive Like Grain and Grow

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