Portion 21 – Acts 7:35-8:1

Submitted by: Sister Leigh Harris

Related Scriptures: Exodus 30:11-34:35 & 1 Kings 19:1-39

There was no recourse for the people who were listening to Stephen, so they grew angry.  Their anger arose out of the truth he was speaking regarding the works of Adonai which lead to them being revealed as a “stiffnecked people”.    To be stiffnecked is one who is stubborn, arrogant and full of pride and the word of Adonai will cut and reveal this very thing in his people.  In Steven’s recount of days old, filled with the Holy Spirit, he reminds the people of how Adonai used Moshe to deliver Israel from Egypt only for them later to turn to pagan practices of worshipping the stars and Molekh.  As he continued it became too much for them to bare so much so their behavior became animalistic and violent.

  How are we responding in these times when Adonai’s truth reveals our hearts?   Are we taking on this same behavior of grinding our teeth writhing in anger?  Are we screaming out so not to hear his voice? Or have we gone far enough to murder the one bringing forth G-d’s word?   Adonai’s word is alive and will capture the hearts of those that want to receive it.  We know His word is at work in us and that is revealed in many ways; we feel offended or like it’s becoming too much to bear.  However, bearing the weight of this truth will lead us to living a victorious life.  Like Steven, we have to remember and speak of what the L-rd has done and be ready to reveal the sin that is before us.   Adonai’s word is a sure foundation and like Steven, we should be able to rest on it and be ready for those who oppose his truth.  Can we say, “this“  life or what I perceive to be mine is not and lay down all of who we are for the name of Adonai?   When we allow the Holy Spirit to be completely in control, nothing else matters.

Three Summary Points

Adonai’s truth cuts away at false pretense.  Hebrew 4:12

The word of Adonai is a place of safety.  Isaiah 25:4

When walking by the spirit of the L-rd, death only comes to the flesh.  You will not die, no you will live.  Psalms 118:17

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