Portion 22 & 23 – Revelation 11:1-13

Submitted by: Sister Leigh Harris

Related Scriptures: Exodus 35-38:20 & 1 Kings 7:40-8:21

What would happen if G-D gave us everything we really wanted? The One who discerns the thoughts and intents of men’s hearts; He who in His great love and omniscience warns us with His gift of Salvation and provided the way for us to be reconciled to Himself…what happens if He gave us to what we really want even though we have no idea what the fallout would be? Is there anyone here that knows all of the repercussions of walking in rebellion? Is there anyone able to discern the spirits underlying our every thought and deed? In our pride we have allowed ourselves to believe that our knowledge of sin is the same as the Omniscience of ADONAI ELOHIM TZVA’OT (Is 40.13-14, Heb 4.13, Ps 147.5, Ps 139.1-4, Ps 44.21, Is 40.28, Rom 11.33-34) while at the same time, through our mindset and actions, we accuse Him of withholding from us how to stop sinning (Ps 84.11).

What has occurred is we have done as it says in Rom 1.18 we have “held the truth in unrighteousness”. We have not taken G-D at His word or lived in the strength of The Holy Spirit to affirm that He is true (Jn 3.33). All too often, we CHOOSE to remain under the veil of the adversary (2Cor 4.4) when ADONAI is constantly calling out for us to come underneath the shadow of His wings (Ps 91.4 & 36.7).

We CHOOSE to believe the world’s covert and overt propaganda about G-D, we CHOOSE to believe the misrepresentations of G-D by those whose opinions we value more highly than The Trustworthy Word of G-D. We CHOOSE to pine away in the bitterness of rejection from those we wanted love from; instead of RECEIVING TRUE LOVE FROM YAH! We CHOOSE to remain in the darkness of our life experiences instead of coming into the light that is the forgiveness and newness of Christ, we find ourselves again and again in the darkness of self-righteousness; coveting the glory and power of G-D in our lives as though our accomplishments were made in our own strength instead of by the power of The Holy Spirit.

This passage shows the beginning of the end for those who do not consider G-D worth knowing; those who believe their own righteousness and understanding of G-D is sufficient. Acts 17.30 tells us that in the past, G-D overlooked such ignorance; but now He is commanding all people everywhere to turn to Him from their sins for He has appointed a Day when he will judge the world justly. Thanks be to G-D that before He sends forth judgment, He sends forth His loving warning, pleading with mankind to hear what The Spirit is saying (Mt 16.3). There has been a change (Dan 2.20-22), time is advancing (Jn 16.25) and The L-RD is making this fact clear to all who would hear Him (Eccl 8.5kjv). Let us stop resisting, repent and rely on ADONAI for His words alone are true and trustworthy and He alone knows the things that must happen soon (Rev 22.6-7).

Three Summary Points

 RECEIVE THE LOVE OF THE TRUTH, IN THE FEAR OF THE L-RD, AND ESCAPE JUDGEMENT (Jn 3.18-36, Rom 1.16-32, 2Thes 2.10-12, Jn 17.17, Jn 11 esp.25-26, Jn 16.7-13)

WAKE UP, REPENT AND GUARD AGAINST DECEPTION AND SELF WILL (Deut 30.15-20, 2Thes 2.10-12, Ps 78, Num 11, 2Cor 4.4, Gal 6.7-8, Rom 1.17-28, Is 14)

ADONAI HAS SPOKEN. DO NOT MISS THE PROPHETIC TIMING OF THE L-RD                                     (Acts 17.30, Jn 16.7-13 & 25, 1Ki 17.7-16, Amo 3.7, Mt 10.41, Rev 22.6)

Additional scriptures:

Pt 1: Jn 5.43-44, Jn 8.23-47, Deut 30.20, Rev 1.3, Mt 7.13-27, Lk 6.46-49, Lk 12.4-5, 1Jn 2.15-17, Jn 1.11-13, 2Thes 2.10-12, Mt 13.12-23, Jer 17.10, Jn 3.18-36, Rom 1.16-32, Jn 17.17, Jn 11 esp. 25-26, 2Tim 3, Jn 16.7-13

Pt 2: Ps 78, Ps 106, Num 11!!! Is 14, Gen 3, 2Cor 4.3-4, 3.14; 1Pet 2.9; Rom 1.17-28Jn 3.15-21; Rom 13.11; 1Cor 4.5, Mk 8.34, Gal 6.7-8, Deut 30.15-20, 2Thes 2.10-11, Rom 1.17-28, Jn 16.7-13 & 25

Pt 3: Acts 17.30, 2Ki 4.1-7 & 1Ki 17.7-16, Amo 3.7 & Mt 10.41 & 2Chr 20.20Rev 22.6Mt 25.1-29

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